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The Tutor's Handbook


This page is currently being revised and is not ready for publication. Therefore, we are NOT able to hire any new tutors or student coordinators for our tutoring service.

In the meanwhile, we have made arrangements with the tutoring service A B C Tutors to handle all recruitment of new tutors and student coordinators.

Therefore, please go to the A B C Tutors web site at http://www.abctutor.info for complete details and applications needed to secure employment as a tutor or as a student coordinator. You'll find everything you need at the A B C Tutors web site.

To call A B C Tutors, use their toll-free phone number (877) 674-5067. However, please call them only after you've carefully read at least twice the web pages How To Become A Tutor and The Tutor's Handbook for which you'll find links on the left side of any page of this web site.

Once again, do NOT use this web site if you intend to apply to be a tutor or a student coordinator. Instead, go to the A B C Tutors web site as explained above.

Good luck!



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